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GlamChase Ivory UK Wedding Dress With Ruched Wedding0122

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You can write your special requirements here when you place the order.
For example, add sleeves, no straps, change the sequins& diamond colour, change the collar type, slit in the dress, etc.




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GlamChase Ivory UK Wedding Dress With Ruched Wedding0122 Description
Design Highlights:

Shoulder Straps, Split, Train, Lace flower, Crystal Diamonds, Beads


Body fabric: Chiffon, Satin, Lining ( which changed according to the selected colour )
Garment accessory: Invisible zipper ( which changed according to the selected colour ), Lace flower, Sliver crystal diamond and beads ( apply for all colour )


Bodice with 3 layers: one layer of lining, one layer of satin, one layer of chiffon
Skirt with 3 layers: one layer of lining, one layer of satin, one layer of chiffon

Body fabric:

Chiffon, Satin, Lining

Garment accessory:

Lining with thick satin
1cm boning
12cm breast padding
Invisible zipper
10cm hanging strip
Sliver crystal diamond and beads

Fabric of Bodice:

3cm width of shoulder straps
Shoulder with lace flower, crystal diamonds and beads
Outside with irregular ruffle chiffon
2cm width of lace-up

1cm seam for fabric
0. 6cm doubles top stitching for upper bust

Fabric of Skirt:

Left split 15cm apart from hip line
50cm chapel train
Chiffon 10cm longer than satin

1cm seam for fabric
0. 1cm top stitching for the split
Binding with clean finished lining and satin, three-hem on chiffon

Lining of Bodice:

Breast padding in Lining
1cm seam for lining
8 pieces of boning on the front, back and sides of bodice ( boning wrapped with fabric, 3cm to roll line, 2cm to waistline )
Hanging strips on both sides apart 6cm to the top of skirt

Sewing requirements:

1 No distorted stitch.
2 No missed seam binding, skipping, needle hole or presser foot.
3 No two tracks stitch.
4 The minimum sewing density is 4 needles per centimeter.
5 The back stitch must be fixed at the end.
6 Surface of fabric: Chiffon spliced by overlock stitching.


The accessories like sewing thread and zipper must be match with the fabric.
Requirements of the lining and other material:
1 High tear-resistance, shrink resistance and good colour fasteners.
2 Colour should be match with the fabric.
3 Avoid the matte beads caused by aurora and steam when ironing and pressing.
4 No stains, fluff, threads or yarn out.
5 No chromatic aberration or hand feeling disparity for same batch products.
6 Equipped with boning, hanging strip.

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    ByJoanne White

    It's the 1 I want to get married in x

    ByNikki Green

    I have fallen in love with a dress which truly reflects my style. It is elegant, enhancing an hour-glass figure with unusual effectiveness and simplicity.

    ByJoanne White

    I like this dress because, it's the dress!!!! You know which will be your dress when you see it and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. No other dress compares it's perfect. I will be wearing this on my wedding day ekkkkkk x

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